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The Ringmaster



Written, Directed & Produced by Maya Albanese

Produced By Rebecca Maar, Lisa Crnic, Lauren Selman

Cinematography By Caleb Heymann

Costume Design By Kit "Pistol" Scarbo

Production Design by Rene Vas

Film Edit by Taylor Gianotas

Trailer Edit by Joe Carugati

Score by Emer Kinsella

Songs by Monica Houghton

Sound by Adam Primack



Sam Witwer... The Ringmaster
Katherine Rodriguez... Alma
Linda Dorsett... Young Alma
Marcus DeAnda... Adolfo
Avery Clyde... Maria
Jeff Black... Magician



Alma feels she's finally found an escape from her dysfunctional family when she discovers a hidden world of circus performers, but as the ringmaster crowns her their maestra, her fantasy devolves into a nightmare that feels uncannily familiar.



WINNER - Best Director, Paris International Film Festival

WINNER - Director's Prize, Artistic Vision & Execution, FilmQuest

NOMINEE - Best Actress, Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase

NOMINEE - Best Fantasy Short Film, Best Costumes, Best Score, Best Supporting Actor, The Minerva Award, FilmQuest

NOMINEE - Best Short Film Score, Hollywood Music & Media Awards

NOMINEE - Best Short Film Score, Music+Sound Awards

SEMIFINALIST - The Chimaera Project


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Paris International Film Festival

Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase

Paris in the Dark Film Festival

Make Believe Film Festival

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival


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LA Diversity Film Festival

New Filmmakers L.A. Festival

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